Crisis Control App


The Crisis Control app is a platform that places all crisis, incident planning and response tools at the fingertip of our clients.

The app, which is now live on Google Play and the App store, can be customized for each client in a mobile-friendly format.

“We live in a mobile world that doesn’t slow down for the weekends, vacations or outside of working hours. Our clients need access to their plans and procedures 24/7. The H+K Crisis Control app provides fingertip access to their protocols, checklists, best practices and contacts in a mobile-friendly format,” said Tim Luckett, Global Head of Issues and Crisis at H+K.

The app offers clients the ability to communicate and collaborate with their H+K crisis team as well as their own colleagues using instant communication, day or night, wherever they are in the world. Turnaround time to get a client set up is less than a week. The app is designed and built with the highest possible levels of IT security.

To learn more about how H+K supports planning, training and response for issues and crisis, contact Tim Luckett.

Tim Luckett

Global Head of Crisis Communications


H+K обладает широкой базой знаний по отраслям экономики и глубокой компетенцией в специализированных областях. Мы понимаем, в какой экосистеме работают наши клиенты, и знаем, как расширить их аудиторию.
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Отраслевой опыт

Благодаря интеграции ключевых дисциплин мы обладаем не только глубокими знаниями отрасли, но исключительной компетенцией в таких специализированных областях, как «идеи + стратегия», «создание контента» и «распространение».
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