As more and more brands put consumer trends at the heart of their communication campaigns, PBN H+K Strategies has accumulated its analytical tools and market expertise to create a new product: trendwatching.

We were chosen by the communications team of Yandex, Russia’s largest internet company, to identify trends and insights in different areas of life – from technology and the online world through to society and the environment. Keeping an eye on rising trends and competitor activities in Russia and abroad helps the Yandex team develop new creative communication tools, track new channels and up-and-coming influencers to collaborate with and better understand the global agenda.

Our trendwatching approach uses a host of digital tools to track conversations in the media and social media. This is coupled with the expertise of our team of media and content analysts who draw on insights gained from across the industries and sectors we monitor and analyze to identify trends that really matter. This is further complemented with insights and expertise from across the agency – from our creative, digital, tech and other teams.

The result is a monthly report detailing key emerging and rising trends in areas of interest for Yandex, as well as a selection of potential communications ideas.

Sector: Финансовые + профессиональные услуги
Specialist expertise: Данные + аналитика
Office: Москва