Better Impact™


Citizenship + Sustainability Consultancy

Empowering and enabling brands to have a better impact on people and the planet

The business operating environment continues to change and pressures driving that change are increasing daily.


The increased speed of regulation.


“Climate change is almost invariably the top issue that clients around the world raise with Blackrock.” BlackRock letter, 2020


The impact of persistent social and economic inequality on global communities.


The lack of a consistent political philosophy around the world makes operating environments complex.


Rise of activism; Greta Thunberg uniting a global generation to demand environmental change.


Protecting the earth is the responsibility of all including business and the way they operate.

H+K partners with our clients to develop communications strategies that manage risk, build reputation and deliver growth.

Together, we are helping our clients build long-term, sustainable and shared business value.

Who do we work with?

We work with organizations that want to be better – we don’t judge past actions. What matters is that your intentions are authentic, and you are committed to turning them into action.

Areas of Expertise

Environmental Sustainability
Corporate Foundations + Philanthropy
Diversity + Inclusion
NGOs + Non-profits
Disaster ​Relief + Humanitarian Aid​
Supply Chain
Community Engagement
ESG Performance

Our Approach

Our consultants have the expertise and passion to help brands have a Better Impact™ on people and the planet.
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