The international communications consultancy PBN Hill+Knowlton Strategies will support the positioning and promotion in Russia of the Russian Chapter – the Directors’ Climate Forum, a non-profit organization that is the Russian branch of the World Economic Forum’s climate governance initiative.

Today, environmental and sustainable development issues are high on the global agenda, and broad awareness, exchange of experience with international leaders in promoting sustainable development and joint efforts to protect the environment are crucial for effective corporate governance in these areas. The Russian Chapter aims to bring together members of the boards of directors of the largest companies operating in Russia, and to facilitate the spread of information about the consequences of climate change and best corporate practices in assessing risks and opportunities associated with climate change and developing companies’ adaptation strategies.

“Global sustainability will never be possible without commitment to change on the part of the business community. The key to the feasibility of climate initiatives is support from corporations and the emerging awareness that companies are accountable to all stakeholders, not just to their shareholders,” said Olga Pascault, co-founder of the Russian Chapter.

“We are pleased to join efforts with PBN H+K Strategies, an international communications agency that has in-depth expertise in corporate social and environmental communications, to gain recognition from the business community in Russia and to become the most important platform for the development of corporate initiatives that will change the trajectory of business, corporate policy and society as a whole,” said Elena Sapozhnikova, co-founder of the Russian Chapter.

The ideas of environmental awareness and sustainable development are supported by PBN Hill+Knowlton Strategies. Maria Kuzkina, CEO of PBN Hill+Knowlton Strategies in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, said: “In today’s world, businesses can only succeed if they realize that sustainable development is an essential element of business strategy and a key condition for successful business development in the long-run. As a communications firm, our mission is to support companies developing sustainable practices, raise public awareness of environmental and social initiatives, and ensure the exchange of best practices among market participants. In these areas, our vision is aligned with the objectives of the Russian Chapter, and we are delighted to be able to support the Forum’s activities in Russia.”

As part of the cooperation, PBN H+K will work with the media and other stakeholders to share information about the organization and opportunities to participate in its activities. The partners will also develop thought leadership on climate agenda issues, hold topical events and share relevant data on best practices in climate governance and environmental protection initiatives.