Over the last several years, fraudsters have become a significant threat to the security of consumers when it comes to banking in Russia. So-called social engineers, who are effectively highly skilled con artists, trick consumers so as to steal their personal financial information and then their money. They are among one of the most crucial factors why clients of the country’s biggest banks keep losing their financial assets and trust in financial institutions.

To help consumers and teach them the necessary rules of financial security as well as educate them on how to prevent the possible exposure of their financial details, PBN H+K worked with Visa to develop a campaign based on an edutainment approach reinforced by data and creativity to raise awareness about this issue and give people practical tools to recognize scammers.


  • We conducted research to define the most common scenarios fraudsters use to trick people and steal their bank details to take their money.
  • We developed and launched a unique educational chatbot based on these scenarios to help consumers recognize the patterns scammers use to trick them.
  • We collaborated with local influencers to prepare a series of entertaining video sketches to engage with as many people as possible and explain the complex message about the importance of security compellingly.
  • We used new media channels such as podcasts to improve engagement with young people. 


  • More than 36,000 people engaged with the chatbot and learned how to protect their financial data.
  • More than 4,000 people left positive comments about the chatbot on social media.
  • Six funny video sketches with local influencers generated more than five million impressions on social media and more than 29,000 referrals.
  • The ER rate for some of the posts was almost 12%, and one of the sketches sparked more than 21,000 comments, starting a discussion where people shared their experiences with fraudsters.
  • Two episodes of a podcast with an expert from Visa who explained how to protect personal financial data from fraudsters garnered more than 37,000 impressions.
  • Total reach was more than 65 million.


Sector: Financial + Professional Services
Specialist expertise: Public Affairs
Office: Moscow

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