Great speakers help companies succeed. They attract more attention when speaking, deliver insightful and inspiring interviews and lead their teams by example. Unfortunately, not many people are born orators, and even if they are not ashamed to speak in public, it doesn’t mean that they are automatically conveying the right messages to support the reputation of the company they work for.

That’s why PBN H+K Strategies has developed a set of training courses to help clients become better speakers. Adjusted to meet clients’ specific needs, business objectives and industry profile, our training sessions are balanced with theory and practical exercises to prepare executives and communications managers for audio or video interviews, speak on behalf of the company in the event of a crisis or deliver public speeches.

We work with internal and external trainers who have trained hundreds of top corporate executives, government officials and NGO leaders and collaborate with prominent journalists to integrate insights from media professionals. Depending on the objective, we also use our bespoke digital instruments to enhance the training experience: for example, our online crisis simulation platform, Flight School, creates a lifelike experience of an evolving crisis and trains response speed and efficiency of reaction.

The senior executives we have trained say they achieved better results in public speaking and media engagements, including:

  • Managing to deliver key messages in interviews and handling tough questions
  • Feeling more confident when speaking publicly
  • Learning techniques to control body language and train their voice
  • Effectively addressing questions at internal and external public appearances
  • Feeling prepared for potential crises
  • Achieving a higher level of effectiveness and persuasiveness in their speeches.
Sector: Financial + Professional Services, Food + Drink, Consumer Packaged Goods, Energy + Industrials, Government + Public Sector, Sports
Specialist expertise: Issues + Crisis
Office: Moscow