As a part of its commitment to supporting its global community, Airbnb places significant value on the monitoring of public policy developments. The company wants to understand its stakeholders in the Russian Federation and plan for any interactions prompted by regulatory changes.

With this challenge in mind, PBN H+K performed a Regulatory Impact Assessment, identifying regulatory initiatives that might affect the Airbnb community in Russia. Together with Airbnb executives, we identified issues with the biggest impact and established a monitoring system to closely follow their development.

Issues cover developing regulation on internet companies, the tourism and rental sectors, as well as questions related to the obligations of Airbnb hosts under Russian legislation. Armed with PBN H+K’s analysis, Airbnb is able to perform a risk analysis of any upcoming change, agree its position and any experience from other markets that will help the community or government pursue their goals. Airbnb also has a deeper understanding of how to support its host community within Russia’s regulatory frameworks.

As a result of our joint efforts, Airbnb now has established relations with a number of officials responsible for the tourism industry, signing Memoranda of Understanding with selected stakeholder-partners and providing Russian officials its global expertise on key issues in order to inform their decision making.

Sector: Government + Public Sector
Specialist expertise: Public Affairs
Office: Moscow